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Sunshine is a teddy bear who is own by Jenny Sanderson and is known for being addicted to nectar.

Chibi-Robo Edit

Sunshine throughout most of the game will stick with Jenny, but after Mrs. Sanderson locks herself in her room, Jenny leaves him behind. When Chibi-Robo and Telly meet Sunshine, he reveals to have a nectar craving and threatens to harm Chibi-Robo if he doesn't bring him nectar, after the first time he is given nectar he calms down, but later he will demand more nectar and attacks Princess Pitt's castle where Drake Redcrest tries to stop him, only to be punched down by Sunshine. Mort manages to stop Sunshine by getting him to laugh. After Sunshine calms down, he eventually decides to try to cure his craving for nectar to prevent him from going in a rage, his best idea is to use the Legendary Nectar Flower seed to get its nectar to cure him, only the problem is that it takes 10 years to grow and Sunshine doesn't want to wait because its to long and he seems to have given up. Chibi-Robo must use the time machine to go back in time to plant the seed in the Bedroom and return to the future to get the nectar. Once Sunshine is given the nectar, he no longer craves for nectar and gives his sticker.

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