Suits are costumes for Chibi-Robo that he acquires throughout the first game.

Drake Redcrest SuitEdit

The Drake Redcrest Suit is one of the first suits you are able to get. It allows Chibi-Robo to get into the kitchen, by striking the pose in front of Sophie, who then proceeds to think you are the real Drake Redcrest, and run off in embarrassment.

The suit itself can be acquired by talking with Drake Redcrest, and then by talking to him a second time, you get the pose for the suit.


Chibi-Robo does the same pose Drake Redcrest does

Frog SuitEdit

Acquired by squirting water on the frog in the backyard. Allows you to talk to Jenny, birds, and frogs.

Trauma SuitEdit

Acquired after dying for the first time


Chibi-Robo collapses on the ground.

Ghost SuitEdit

If you are wearing the Trauma Suit, and strike the pose, wait on the ground for a few seconds. You'll wake up in the Chibi-House wearing the Ghost Suit.


Chibi-Robo sticks out his tongue and laughs evilly. This scares certain NPCs.

Tao SuitEdit

A suit based after the family's dog. Complete the 4th Free Ranger training, and start the 5th. It allows Chibi-Robo to talk to it.


Given by Mrs. Sanderson. Now you are able to end the day or night when you want to

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