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Chibi-Robos are four inch robots created by Citrusoft. Chibi-Robos were designed to make its owners happy by doing various tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Chibi-Robos are battery-operated and must recharge their battery every so often by plugging its Chibi-Plug into a nearby outlet. When a Chibi-Robo is low on energy, it will flash red and will emit a continuous din. When a Chibi-Robo's battery is depleted, it will become incapacitated and will have to be brought back to the Chibi-House by its robotic manager, Telly Vision. Chibi-Robo can purchase "Chibi-Batteries" from the Online Store feature of the Chibi-PC in the Chibi-House. Chibi-Robos can increase their battery capacity by advancing in the Chibi-Rankings, a ranking system developed by Citrusoft to encourage Chibi-Robos to earn Happy Points.

By doing tasks around the homes of citizens, Chibi-Robos will earn Happy Points. Happy Points, appearance wise, are hearts with angelic wings that produce an odd sound when it floats about. By collecting Happy Points, Chibi-Robos will advance in the Chibi-Rankings and will receive a battery with a larger energy capacity. The tiny robots can also find Happy Points in Happy Boxes.

Chibi-Robos' heads are larger on the inside than on the outside. They can store a wide variety of items including trash, coffee mugs, and even a pirate ship. Their heads are also equipped with a "!" (Yes) and a "Ø" (No) signs to show their current emotions. Their eyes, also known as Chibi-Vision, can zoom in and out and locate items.

A Dysfunctional Family (Plug Into Adventure)Edit

Chibi-Robo arrives with his manager, Telly Vision, at the Sanderson's house. Unbeknowest to him, an older model of the Robos, Giga-Robo, is stationed in the basement. He meets toys such as the Free Rangers and Sophie, and humans like Jenny and Dad. The main objectives of the game are to revive Giga-Robo and to stop the evil Spydorz. When he tries to revive the Giga-Robo though, he is attacked by them. When he finally revives it, he is attacked by aliens and notices the Giga-Robo is missing a leg. Now Chibi-Robo learns the story of the Spydorz and why they're evil. He also learns why the toys are alive at night.

Blooming Chibi-Robos (Park Patrol)Edit

CB BloomingChibi

A Blooming Chibi-Robo.

The house cleaning variations of Chibi-Robos were a large success. After hearing that parks were slowly being destroyed, Citrusoft developed a new brand of Chibi-Robos known as Blooming Chibi-Robos. Blooming Chibi-Robos were sent to all parks in the world to prevent this problem. Blooming Chibi-Robos are equipped with a squirter and a boombox to cause flowers to grow.

Unlike the house variations of Chibi-Robo, Blooming Chibi-Robos' managers are attached to the Chibi-House and are named Chet. Chet will drain Blooming Chibi-Robos of their Happy Points and use them to fill up Chibi-Robo's battery and to reconstruct the parks. Chibi-Robos do not have an online store, but they can find cartridges around the area and use them to improve the park with their stored up energy.

Blooming Chibi-Robos are faced with the polluting creatures known as Smogglings lead by the wheezy Miasma. Smogglings turn healthy flower to ugly black flowers that wither away at nighttime. Chibi-Robos can defeat these polluting hooligans by squirting them with water, stunning them, and by spraying them with water until they explode. Blooming Chibi-Robos eventually save all the parks in the world and exterminate the black Smogglings.

A Decade Later... (Happy Rich Big Sweep)Edit

Coming Soon!

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